Doctoral Student Affiliate Jorge Ivan Puma Crespo (history) was awarded the Phillip Gleason Prize by the History Department at the University of Notre Dame for his article entitled, “Small Groups Don’t Win Revolutions: Armed Struggle in the Memory of Maoist Militants of Política Popular."  This prize is awarded semi-annually for the best published article by a graduate student in History.

Faculty jury members Professors Ted Beatty (history) and Rebecca McKenna (history) commented about Jorge’s work, “It's a well-constructed and persuasive essay that offers a new portrait of the Mexican Left, challenging accounts that root it in either electoral politics or guerrilla movements. Further, [this article is] based on impressive research that included oral histories and interviews. This original research and the author's grasp of the historiography have allowed [them] to make a clear and valuable contribution to the literature.”

Read the award-winning article here.