Nancy Obonyo worked as an educator in Thailand from 2018 to 2022. An experience that has fueled her desire to educate vulnerable girls and apply her academic and professional knowledge and skills.

She realized she wanted to do more mission work in her first year after graduation, after months of working at a pharmaceutical. This inspired her to establish a scholarship program for girls in her home county of Homa Bay. Her experiences growing up in the city and rural Homa Bay and the challenges girls in the community faced in obtaining an education inspired her to start the scholarship project.

Nancy pursued an MBA in international business management to change careers. She hoped to gain skills that would assist her in developing a long-term educational solution for Kenya through the MBA program.

Nancy holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering from Stellenbosch University and an MBA in International Business Management from Stamford International University. Nancy is pursuing a master's degree in global affairs with a focus on sustainable development at Notre Dame. She wishes to apply her professional and academic experience to better understand the roles various stakeholders can play in developing Kenya's education sector. As a Master of Global Affairs, Nancy is a recipient of a Kellogg Institute Fellowship.