Cat Gargano is a PhD student in Peace Studies and Clinical Psychology, and is part of the Development and Psychopathology Lab at Notre Dame. Cat's research focuses on migration, interpersonal violence, and mental health. Her experiences in several transit countries have made her particularly interested in developing interventions that are trauma-informed, culturally meaningful, and feasible to apply in displacement and other low-resource contexts.

At Notre Dame, she hopes to gain the tools needed not only to address the mental health symptoms that can arise from conflict and displacement, but also to understand and challenge the larger systems that maintain these harmful conditions. Cat received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Laurea Magistrale in Protection of Human Rights and International Cooperation from Università di Bologna in Italy. Most recently, she has been working with Teqbahn to develop an evidence based technology intervention to support health and well-being of people who are migrating in Mexico.