Manvit Adusumilli is a senior at Notre Dame originally from Darien, IL. He studies neuroscience, global affairs, and has a minor in poverty studies. He spent eight weeks of the summer in Jaltenango de la Paz, Chiapas, collaborating with Compañeros en Salud, the Mexican branch of Partners in Health. The organization focuses on providing comprehensive healthcare to communities with limited resources. He investigated the impact of interventions implemented by the organization in 2021 that aimed to provide community health workers with more resources in order to improve their mental health and well-being. Throughout his time at Notre Dame, Manvit has \ been involved with various organizations in South Bend, both through volunteering and research. He plans to take a gap year and apply to medical school in 2024.

Global Affairs - IDS Concentration
Neuroscience and Behavior
Health, Humanities, and Society
Poverty Studies