Lingxiao Gao is working with Professor Liang Cai from the Department of History. Gao currently works on two projects: the translation and publication of Professor Cai’s book Witchcraft and the Rise of the First Confucian Empire in Chinese, and Professor Cai’s current research project “Convict Politics: Law and Legal Practice in Early Chinese Empire.” Gao’s primary job in the first project is to proofread the Chinese translation and add citations to quotes excerpted from ancient texts. In the second project, Gao interprets primary sources, compiles research bibliography, and draws interdisciplinary connections with western political philosophy. Gao hopes to gain from her research experience with Professor Cai the knowledge and skills that a historian-in-training needs.

Last summer, Gao received the GCS Summer Enrichment Funding to study German in Berlin. Pursuing a double major in history and German, Gao hopes to make cross-cultural comparisons and understand history through the lens of German philosophy.

Philosophy, Politics & Economics

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