Social Entrepreneurship for Social and Economic Mobility: a Conversation with Karan Chopra


Featuring Karan Chopra
Executive Vice President and Co-Founder, Opportunity@Work

Moderated by Melissa Paulsen
Associate Director, Entrepreneurship and Education Programs
Keough School Concurrent Assistant Professor of the Practice

What are the underexplored opportunities for improving the livelihoods of billions of people living at the margin of our unequal economies? What does it take to create sustainable and scalable solutions that tackle human development challenges faced by smallholder farmers in Ghana, underemployed urban youth in Nigeria, or underserved workers deemed obsolete or low-skilled in the United States? How and why does one decide to become a social entrepreneur?

Join us for a conversation with Karan Chopra, a young social entrepreneur with a unique vision for equitable human development. Chopra has created innovative social ventures that catalyzed large-scale agricultural transformation in rural Ghana, effective youth vocational training in urban Nigeria, and high-value affordable retooling for workers in the US.