Ethnic Violence and the Healing of the ‘Burden of Ethnicity’


Rev. Emmanuel Katongole
Kellogg Faculty Fellow
Associate Professor of Theology and Peace Studies

“Ethnic Violence and the Healing of the ‘Burden of Ethnicity’” is part of a book-length project entitled “Who Are My People? The Reinvention of Love in Sub-Saharan Africa.” Set against the backdrop of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, this chapter on ethnic violence explores the mechanisms through which Hutu-Tutsi identities were invented within the construction of the modern Rwanda nation-state. It explores the story of Ruhango, one of the few Catholic communities untouched by the genocide, for clues about the kind of resistance and love necessary to resist violence, heal its wounds, and ultimately heal the “burden of ethnicity.” 

Cosponsored by the Kellogg Institute and the  Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies.