Doing Good Science: When Fetal Development is Global Development in Guatemala and Beyond

Yates-Doerr Lecture

Emily Yates-Doerr
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Oregon State University and University of Amsterdam

This talk traces an untold story of Guatemalan migration, documenting the longstanding failure of maternal nutrition interventions in Guatemala to meaningfully improve women’s lives. After a half-century of intensive maternal nutrition intervention, Guatemala still has one of the highest rates of chronic hunger in the world and, in some areas, one in five people have emigrated to the US. Yates-Doerr explores why this is so, linking maternal nutrition interventions to ongoing violence against Indigenous women. Her attention to how fetal development becomes equated to global development has implications for the act of 'doing good science' in and beyond Guatemala's borders. 

Presented by the Kellogg Institute, with cosponsorship by the Department of Anthropology and the Gender Studies Program.