The Kellogg Institute Research Team (KIRT)


What is KIRT? 

Unique at Notre Dame, KIRT is a Kellogg in-house project development/pre-award/post-award unit that assists Kellogg faculty researchers with growing, enriching, and better planning their research proposals. It is a one-stop design/development research support unit. KIRT is complementary to other pre-award units on campus because of its focus on funding from Kellogg, which may provide a “proof of concept” that can be marshaled for later external grants.


Coordination with KIRT can help faculty write a more developed and comprehensive proposal for Kellogg:

  • Achieve greater success in the development of Kellogg seed grant proposals
  • Address research proposal needs from a range of operational, conceptual, and intellectual perspectives comprehensively, in one or more meetings
  • Develop emerging proposals or manage a more mature proposal’s trajectory
  • Identify conceptual or thematic options to incorporate, possible interlocutors, and/or programmatic options for engaging other researchers or audiences
  • Create realistic and complete budgets, calendar for Kellogg and University audiences, plan for the creation of stories and story-telling, and address special needs
  • Integrate into your proposal Kellogg’s research themes, the University’s Catholic mission, concepts surrounding integral human development (IHD), and other normative principles 

If the proposal is funded by Kellogg, KIRT can help faculty: 

  • Plan and prepare for subsequent external grants with post-award assistance in collaboration with Notre Dame Research, Corporate Relations, Foundation Relations, and others (KIRT’s relationships with these units enable Kellogg to identify well in advance projects that later may be developed into external grants for major funders.)
  • Prepare  metrics, develop strategies for outputs, coordinate online resources and story-telling
Who is KIRT? 
  • Pam Byrne, Assistant Director for Finance and Administration 
  • Karen Clay, Communications Manager 
  • Stacy Fagan, Research Program Manager 
  • Therese Hanlon, Events Program Manager 
  • Maurice Sikenyi, Assistant Director, Ford Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity 
  • Don Stelluto, Executive Director