Kate Kirwan is a sophomore studying anthropology and global affairs with a tentative minor in either interdisciplinary poverty studies or sustainability. Currently, she is assisting Professor Debra Javeline with reviewing literature for Javeline’s book project titled Unadapted: A Portrait of Unchanged Humans on a Changed Planet. Kirwan’s work will be carried out through the lens of searching for evidence that humans are indeed adapting and/or altering their behavior in response to a changing climate.

This past summer, Kirwan traveled to San José, Costa Rica with the Center for Social Concerns’ NDBridge program where she worked with climate refugees from Nicaragua, at a community garden, and at an environmental office. Kirwan hopes to continue pursuing questions related to climate migration, urban planning, and climate justice through her work with the Kellogg Institute and Professor Javeline. Kirwan's additional research interests include the ideology surrounding liberation theology, place-identity, and the evolution of human beings. 

Global Affairs