Kaili Cuenca is a political science and international economics double-major. She is currently working with Professor Andrew Gould on his book manuscript which seeks to identify how political affiliation affects storytelling. This objective is accomplished by examining how allegorical messages change between different iterations of the same folktale. Under the direction of Professor Gould, Cuenca will be assisting with entering bibliography citations, researching the political positions of different authors, and reading various historical documents. 

During the summer of 2023, Cuenca traveled to Monterey, Mexico with the support of a Social Concerns Summer Fellowship grant to volunteer for 5 weeks at a migrant shelter, Casa Monarca. Returning home to San Antonio, she built upon this experience by volunteering at the migrant resource center, Centro de Bienvenida. During the last six weeks of summer. she studied in Salamanca, Spain with the support of a Summer Language Abroad Grant from the CSLC.

International Economics
Political Science