Juliet Webb is a junior studying anthropology, peace studies and education. For the past year, she has been working alongside Professor TJ D’Agostino, Faculty Program Director of the International Education Research Initiative, on educational initiatives, policies and trends in various countries and contexts across the globe. Most recently, Webb has been working on a policy brief for various stakeholders in education -- namely, the Kenyan Bishops Conference -- concerning strategies, approaches and advancements in the worldwide mission to enhance and improve literacy through a variety of innovative practices. Webb is also beginning work on two additional projects as a member of the International Education Lab: the Language of Instruction Transition in Education Systems (LITES) project, which will focus on student language acquisition in Kenya, Senegal, Mozambique and the Philippines, and a project centered on improving sustainable book supply chains in an effort to strengthen educational gains through available learning materials in Honduras, Rwanda and Cambodia.

Peace Studies
Education, Schooling and Society

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