John (Jack) O’Leary is working with Professor Alejandro Estefan, who studies human development with the goal of informing policy decision-making in Latin America and elsewhere. O’Leary has worked on a variety of projects for Prof. Estefan, from exploratory research on conditional cash transfers to assisting on a randomized control trial studying the impact of virtual training on micro-franchises. Over the summer, O’Leary worked full-time with Prof. Estefan on a literature review and meta-analysis on the promise of digital training for business development in the developing world. Specifically relating digital training to past evaluations on in-person training and online schooling, the literature review acts as the basis for a variety of future projects.

O’Leary’s research is in the field of development and microeconomics. His interests are broad, including credit access, business development, crime, immigration, education, and labor economics.

O’Leary previously worked as a research assistant for the department of economics. With Dr. Isabel Hanish, O’Leary studied the effectiveness of monetary stimulus during the Covid-19 pandemic.

International Economics
Data Science

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