Kellogg Institute Advisory Board member John Beckham was appointed by NADB Board of Directors on November 12, 2020 as the Deputy Managing Director. He started his four-term on January 16, 2021. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of NADB, including: general staff management; development and implementation of environmental infrastructure projects and programs; contact with U.S. and Mexican NADB Board members; financial and budgetary oversight; performance measurement; and collaboration with border stakeholders.

Prior to joining NADB, he worked at the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) for 19 years where he held various position, including Chief of Debt, Chief of Equity, and Managing Director – Clients. He also served as Chief Investment & Operating Officer for MicroVest, a private impact investment management company.

Mr. Beckham, who has worked in international finance and development since 1991, has broad experience in promoting economic and social development through deploying capital to financial institutions, structuring financing for renewable energy projects, restructuring distressed investments and executing equity investments in growing mid-sized companies across emerging markets.

Mr. Beckham has a BA from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from the Ohio State University. A native Spanish speaker, he has lived in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. He is active in community affairs through various volunteer, parish, and alumni advisory boards.