International Right to Global Health Symposium


The Notre Dame Journal of International and Comparative Law (JICL) organizes an annual symposium where students, faculty, and legal practitioners discuss various aspects of international and foreign law to produce scholarship on the topic. JICL symposiums are noted for their broad scope, practical relevance, and commitment to the common good. Some of JICL’s past symposium topics include “From Courts of Sport to Courts of Justice” (2017), “Advancing a Business and Human Rights Agenda” (2016) and “Engaging Justice in South Africa” (2015)”.

This year JICL, with the support of Notre Dame’s Environmental Law Society, Health Law Society, International Law Society, and other student organizations, is organizing a unique symposium: one that takes three different environments and discusses the international right to a healthy environment through these venues.

The symposium will demonstrate how each environment is related to a global right to a healthy environment through three panels of speakers—one on the right to a healthy prison environment, one on the right to a healthy work environment, and one on the right to a healthy global environment.

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