International Development Studies Minor

Junior Review Process

Every spring the progress of all juniors in the minor in International Development Studies will be reviewed by the advisory committee of the minor to determine whether or not the students should continue in the program and enroll in the capstone course during the senior year. 

It is expected that juniors will have completed the majority of their course work for the minor by the end of the junior year. Before providing the information below, juniors should have developed, with the supervision of a faculty member, a grant proposal for a field project in the developing world. The student is expected to submit that proposal to at least one grant competition for funding.

By Friday, March 22, juniors will be asked to provide the following information:

Course verification – Students will list the courses they have taken toward the minor. As a general rule, students will be expected to have completed the introduction to development course as well as at least two electives of the three required. (Note that two of the three electives must be core courses.)

Funding verification – Students are expected to have written a grant proposal and to have submitted it to at least one grant competition for funding. Students will provide information regarding where they have submitted their proposals and if they have been funded.

Project description and faculty endorsement – Each student is expected to work closely with a faculty member in developing his/her grant proposal. As part of the review process, students will provide the title and a short abstract of that proposal. Faculty will receive the abstract and will be asked to approve and endorse the project.

To submit this information, students should go to

Students will be asked to create an account and will need to remember the login and password in order to access this information.


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