Minor and Concentration in International Development Studies (MIDS and CIDS)

Introduction to International Development Studies (offered both fall and spring semesters)

An introduction to the field of international development, with particular focus on the various disciplines that have contributed to and shaped the development discourse. Readings, lectures, and discussions will draw from various disciplines, including economics, political science, sociology, anthropology, environmental and technological sciences, public health, law, and gender studies, among others. We will examine debates on the meaning and measurement of development; alternative approaches to, and methods in, the study of development; and attempts to address some of the main development challenges facing the world today. There will be a central focus on understanding "what works" in development. Working together in teams, students will conceptualize and design an international development project using "real world" constraints.

Spring 2023

Introduction to International Development Studies   
Instructor: Susan Ostermann.  MW 2:00PM – 3:15PM
IDS 20500 01 – CRN 24404 – Department approval required

International Development in Practice: What works in Development
Instructor: Steve Reifenberg. TR 11AM - 12:55PM
IDS 30513 01 - CRN 26338