This profile was current as of May 2022, when she was part of the on-campus Kellogg community.

Prior to attending Notre Dame, Hope Suleiman developed a key interest in creative entrepreneurship on the African continent. As such, this has led to her vast involvement in various economic empowerment projects particularly in her home country, Kenya. One of the main ways that she has immersed herself in her fields of interest is by serving as a research assistant to a microenterprise training program based in Kenya through the Kellogg Institute. She conducted a creative entrepreneurship research program in the summer of 2019 by working with the Kibera Creative Arts (KiCA) program. Through this and by studying microenterprises, she hopes to understand how positive deviance can be applied to the creative industry, especially among artists who come from a low-income background.

Aside from economics-related research projects, Suleiman also utilizes her background in political science to conduct research in Kenya where she has been examining the key differences between pre-colonial and post-colonial narratives in and about Africa.

Political Science