International Conference on Archbishop Romero

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“International Conference on Archbishop Romero” (research conference)

This conference, a project of LANACC, will focus on the international significance of life and martyrdom of Archbishop Romero for the Church of the Future. This conference will bring the work on latest findings on the pastoral life and social teaching of Archbishop Romero to the forefront of theological thinking. By examining past and present theological contributions of Archbishop Romero, the event will provide an opportunity to examine the evolution of the Catholic Church’s efforts to understand and alleviate poverty in Latin America (and elsewhere) over the last several decades. Scholars also expect to grapple with the issue of how Christian churches as cultural institutions can promote economic growth and development in a way that diminishes rather than increases social and economic inequality. Rev. Pelton sees the event as an unprecedented opportunity to bring older and newer generations of scholars together for academic discussion, networking, mentoring, and mutual support.