Mexico’s Criminal Wars: an Analytic Report

Conference/Event Grant
Grant Year

This grant is to fund a two-day workshop to discuss a policy report Trejo is coauthoring with Sandra Ley from Duke University, “Mexico’s Criminal Wars: An Analytic Report.” Trejo and Ley will have a first draft of the report in May 2013 and are in preliminary conversations to have it electronically published by the Kellogg Institute in June 2013 in both English and Spanish.

Trejo's objective is to convene a workshop in August 2013 with participants from the Mexican government, Mexico’s Peace and Justice Movement, grassroots indigenous leaders of Mexico’s emerging community and self-defense police forces, directors of think tanks, business leaders, journalists and members of the Organization of American States to discuss a wider range of policy options than the ones the new administration of President Enrique Peña Nieto is considering. The goal is to use our findings and policy prescriptions for a critical dialogue among actors and institutions that in Mexico often bypass each other.