Acholi Voices: Democratizing the War Testimony of Northern Uganda

Faculty Research Grant
Grant Year

The aim of the pilot project, “Acholi Voices: Democratizing the War Testimony of Northern Uganda,” is to broaden the discourse about the conflict in northern Uganda in a political context within which doing so is difficult for those who live in the country. Whitemore's aim more particularly is to provide a means for the voices of persons stereotyped and suppressed as “backward” and “primitive” to be heard.

Whitmore has collected over 350 hours of recorded interviews in the Acholi language with people who endured the conflict in IDP camps. He has had all of the interviews translated, and is now in the process of having the interviews transcribed and coded. Research support from the Kellogg Institute enables Whitmore to complete the transcription and coding process. Once the recordings are transcribed and coded,  an annotated and edited volume of the interviews will be produced.