African Faith and Justice Network Conference, Notre Dame

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The purpose of the conference is to promote a greater awareness of the challenges to integral human development in Africa and to increase understanding of the various roles that the Catholic Church and other religious institutions have played and may play in promoting social, economic, and political development in Africa and elsewhere. In a special way, there will be emphasis on the church’s public voice on issues of justice in Africa. Speakers will address the following questions: (1) What does it mean for the Catholic Church to effectively promote human development and what are the measures? (2) In what ways has the Catholic Church been most effective at promoting human development and justice? (2) In what ways has the Catholic Church been least effective at promoting human development and justice? (3) What explains the variation in the effectiveness of the Catholic Church’s work in the realm of justice and human development? (4) How might a university most effectively serve the Church’s work to promote human flourishing?


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October 22
Operationalizing the Common Good: A Symposium
Anna BlackmanFlavio ComimOscar Garza VázquezGabriela LechugaJorge MedinaThomas MustilloMathias NebelPatrick RiordanClemens SedmakValente TallabsRodolfo de la Torre