Study Group of the Russian Revolution conference, University of East Anglia, Norwich UK

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The Annual Meeting of the Study Group of the Russian Revolution (SGRR) is a premier conference in Lyandres's area of modern Russian history. The conference attracts scholars from around the world and as such it presents an important opportunity to share results of Lyandres's research with an audience of leading international specialists on the Russian Revolution. Attendance at the annual meeting in January 2013 also will publicize Lyandres's forthcoming book, The Fall of Tsarism: Untold Stories of the February 1917 Revolution, which is scheduled for publication by Oxford (Clarendon) University Press in December 2012. Lyandres will present a paper, “M.V. Rodzianko’s Decision to Assume Authority on the First Day of the February Revolution (Feb. 27, 1917): Did a Midnight Telephone Call from the Preobrazhenskii Barracks turn the Reluctant Duma President into a Revolutionary?’