Measuring Person-Centered Maternity Care and developmental outcomes in children in a peri-urban setting in Kenya

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Disrespectful and abusive care of women during hospital stays for labor and delivery is a significant problem in sub-Saharan Africa. Some scholars have argued that dignified care in this key developmental transition may have lasting positive effects on women and children. The current study examines these hypotheses by proposing an examination of person-centered maternity care (PCMC) in a peri-urban setting in Kenya, collecting not only data on the prevalence of disrespect and abuse toward women in this setting but also data related to maternal adversity, mental health, and infant development to assess the association between PCMC and these maternal and child outcomes. The current proposal seeks to contribute to the mission of Kellogg and Ford by expanding and deepening collaborative relationships in Dandora, Kenya and continuing to enliven the growing body of work on maternal and child health as it related to human development.

Partners: Brother Andre Medical Center (Kenya), Holy Cross Parish (Kenya), University of California San Francisco


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