Creating integrated, intergenerational mental health and psychosocial support programs for women and children in Lima, Perú

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Violence represents a significant and pernicious threat to the health and wellbeing of women around the work, including in Perú. The negative effects of mothers’ violence exposure have clear intergenerational implications for the wellbeing of their children, and there is great need, for integrated interventions designed to support women’s holistic needs and disrupt intergenerational patterns of risk. The proposed research is aimed at laying the preparatory groundwork, including fieldwork, key informant interviews, and small-
scale quantitative data collection, for a large-scale randomized controlled trial. Specifically, the project will work to develop the framework of a multidimensional mental health and psychosocial support program that recognizes women and children’s diverse needs, including the psychological, economic, cultural, social, and spiritual dimensions of human development.