Measuring Life Outcome and Human Dignity Impacts of Cleft Surgery Among Children in West Bengal, India

Grants to Support Faculty Fellows' Research
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Funding for field research in partnership with Operation Smile to assess the restorative impact of cleft palate surgeries on life outcomes of teenagers in the state of West Bengal, India near the city of Kolkata. We have created an econometric design that allows for estimation of the impact of the surgery on restoring human dignity to these individuals in the areas of 1) social integration and inclusion, 2) psychological phenomena, 3) education and learning, 4) general health, and 5) physical abilities. Field research will be conducted during the summer of 2017 and data analysis will continue through the academic year 2017-2018. We are hopeful that results from this study will lead to larger grant funding for a more general study on the restorative impacts of reparative surgeries and their relationship to human dignity.