Governance and Its Funding in the 21st Century

Tom Gresik

This conference is intended to bring together tax scholars, policy makers, and practitioners to discuss the challenges in raising corporate tax revenues in a world of multinational firms. It informs the Kellogg theme of human development because the ability of multinationals to shift income into low-tax jurisdictions limits the ability of national governments to raise corporate tax revenues but also promotes foreign investment and increases local employment and wages.

The conference is co-sponsored by the Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance in Munich, the Norwegian Center for Taxation in Bergen, Norway, and Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Speakers / Related People
Thomas A. Gresik

Thomas A. Gresik is a professor of economics at the University of Notre Dame. His research focuses on the taxation of multinational firms, foreign direct investment, industrial organization, and game theory...
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