Gordon Friedrichs is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Political Science at the University of Freiburg. He specializes in international relations and comparative foreign policy analysis. His research focuses on the impact of polarization and populism on democracies' foreign policymaking, particularly the U.S.; resilience and transformation of Global Governance; and international relations of East Asia and the Asia-Pacific.

His research is published in International Studies Review, Foreign Policy Analysis, International Politics, The India Review, and The Korean Journal of International Studies. He has also published three books: U.S. Global Leadership Role and Domestic Polarization: A Role Theory Approach (Routledge), The Politics of Resilience and Transatlantic Order (co-edited with Sebastian Harnisch & Cameron Thies, Routledge), and National Role Conceptions in a New Millennium: Defining a Place in a Changing World (co-edited with Michael Grossman and Francis Shortgen, Routledge).

His research visit at Notre Dame is funded by a Fulbright Schuman scholarship.