Geo Tabet assists Dr. Rachel Sweet on her projects pertaining to rebel group activities in DR Congo. Tabet is tasked with working on the statistical analysis and figures for Sweet’s book about various dynamics of state-rebel engagement in DR Congo. Tabet sees this opportunity not only as a stepping stone towards developing his research skills and preparing him for further research as he progresses in the Program, but also to reinforce his ability to put forth his data analytics skills in addition to his linguistic ones.

Tabet, majoring in business technology and analytics, believes that no particular discipline satisfies his every aspiration, but ISP is an opportunity that will allow him to gain research skills beyond his major, meet scholars across different disciplines, and engage in a community where he will be able to employ his linguistic skills. Tabet is a member of the newly founded Business Honors Program in the Mendoza College of Business, where academic endeavors focus on business ethics and growing the good in business. Coming from Lebanon, Tabet is aware of the overarching issue of misinformation and believes that research is what will help inform him and, in turn, others about the reality of situations. His end goal is to be able to quantify, visualize, and analyze data regarding pressing issues in the Global South.

Business Analytics