Focused-PPC: An integrated postpartum care, education, and support model for women in Ghana

Ford Program Project
Grant Year

This research tests the impact of an innovative integrated group of care, education, and support model for postpartum women up to one year after delivery. Focused postpartum care (PPC) was implemented as a randomized controlled trial in 4 health centers in Tamale, Ghana. Led by trained midwives, women enrolled in Focused-PPC received postpartum clinical assessments and standardized education for the first six weeks and continued to receive standardized education, measures of vital signs, and peer support for 12 months postpartum. Focused PPC sessions were held for 1-2 weeks, six weeks, and monthly thereafter for up to 1 year following the Ghana Health Service (GHS) postnatal care and child welfare clinic schedule. Control group participants received usual care following the same schedule. The study findings will illuminate the relationship between standardized postpartum education and improved maternal and child health outcomes, especially for women at risk of postpartum depression and maternal mortality. Findings from this research also have practical impacts, particularly building capacity among midwives to provide the highest quality of care to mothers and providing evidence that helps policymakers to set forth a standard of care that most effectively reduces maternal morbidity and mortality.

Partner:  Savana Signatures