Development in Dialogue: Engaging Practitioners and Across Disciplines

Faculty Conference Grant
Grant Year

This proposal is a request for funding to host the 9th annual conference of the Sociology of Development (a section of the American Sociological Association) at the University of Notre Dame from Thursday October 17th-Saturday October 19th, 2019. Approximately 250-300 participants are expected. The theme of the meeting was selected to reflect the strengths of the University of Notre Dame and the Kellogg Institute in particular: “Development in Dialogue: Engaging Practitioners and Across Disciplines.” The conference will be an excellent opportunity to bring scholars, students, and practitioners of development together at the University, and further promote scholarship on development. The meeting will generate greater awareness of Notre Dame’s & the Kellogg Institute’s current research, scholarship, and initiatives on development topics ranging from health to entrepreneurship and environment. These connections may inspire new collaborative partnerships for understanding and addressing critical issues related to the scholarship and practice of development as an interdisciplinary endeavor. The conference’s core focus--development--and theme highlighting interdisciplinarity and engagement with practitioners was selected to reflect the Kellogg Institute’s core mission of promoting human development.