Book Workshop: Latin American Party Systems: Institutionalization, Erosion, and Collapse



The purpose of this workshop is to provide critical pre-publication feedback on some chapters of Faculty Fellow Scott Mainwaring’s forthcoming edited manuscript, “Latin American Party Systems: Institutionalization, Erosion, and Collapse,” which grows out of a 2014conference of the same name held at the Kellogg Institute.

Faculty members and graduate students interested in Latin American politics and/or comparative party systems will discuss parts of the book. 
The book has four objectives:

  • At the empirical level, generating new knowledge about party systems in Latin America;

  • At the theoretical level, reconceptualizing party system institutionalization;

  • At the analytical level, adding to the knowledge about the effects of party system institutionalization; and

  • At the explanatory level, contributing toward understanding why party systems become more institutionalized, experience partial deinstitutionalization, or even collapse.

The volume explores the stunning diversity of pathways that Latin American party systems have experienced since the 1990s and offers explanations for these very different pathways.

Participants will read the materials ahead of time; there will be no presentations in order to focus on discussion.

Registration required if you would like us to provide lunch.

To register: kievents@nd.edu



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