Events Support


The Kellogg Institute makes available to faculty fellows small grants to support group events such as lectures, seminars, cultural events, films, or exhibitions that advance understanding of international studies and of Kellogg’s major themes in particular. The best proposals will bring together different elements of the Kellogg and/or Notre Dame communities in innovative ways. The maximum award is $5,000.

To Apply for Event Funding

Submit a proposal that includes:

  • What the event entails, including specifics of the proposed activities (who? what? when? where? why?)
  • How it relates to Kellogg themes
  • Who it involves (audience and participants)
  • An itemized budget and budget justification. The budget should show both the full cost of the project and the amount requested from Kellogg, and should indicate likely sources of funding for the part of the budget not covered by Kellogg and how much funding has already been secured.

In addition, for lectures/seminars, please include:

  • Lecturer’s curriculum vitae
  • Additional objectives of the visit, if any (beyond giving a talk)
  • Preferences, if any, regarding dates for the visit

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