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The Notre Dame Eliminating Violence Against Women (E-VAW) Lab aims to address underlying obstacles for gender equality through evidence-based policies and strategies in Latin America and the Caribbean, accounting for research and practice in other regions of the Global South. We conduct multi-method research and practice work on the social and political causes and consequences of gender-based violence, the gendered risks of political leadership and social mobilization, and the impact of strategies used to increase survivors’ access to justice. Our work is informed by multidisciplinary gender approaches that help us examine the disproportionate effects of violence on women, as well as the gendered risks of political leadership and social mobilization. Our analysis is also attentive to entrenched inequalities women deal with along axes of class, race, and ethnicity. We bring in diverse methodological approaches to delve into gender exclusion, including quantitative and qualitative methods.

The E-VAW Lab convenes faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students to tackle gender marginalization. We understand that gender inequality is a multi-source phenomenon, which derives from factors as diverse as state, political, and criminal violence, gendered stereotypes deeply rooted in society at large, as well as inadequate policies and institutions. We are deeply committed to inclusion and equality for all people regardless of gender as a key political objective of democracy itself.

We partner with international and domestic policy organizations and human rights defenders advocating for the eradication of violence against women, and the promotion of gender equality and democracy in the Latin American and Caribbean region, as well as in other countries in the Global South.