Kellogg Faculty Fellow Erin Graham is associate professor of global affairs in the Keough School of Global Affairs at the University of Notre Dame and has been a Kellogg faculty fellow since 2023. She focuses her research on the politics of international law and organizations, studying the processes of institutional design, change, and the effects of international rules and organizations.

Her book Transforming International Institutions: How Money Quietly Sidelined Multilateralism at The United Nations is being published by Oxford University Press. The book illuminates how a slow, quiet, subterranean process can produce big, radical change in international institutions and organizations, explaining how small changes in UN funding rules in the 1940s and 1960s ultimately sidelined multilateral governance at the United Nations in the twenty-first century. 

Graham also has research published in the Journal of Politics, International Organization, International Studies Quarterly, European Journal of International Relations, International Theory, Review of International Organizations, British Journal of Political Science, Global Policy, PS: Political Science and Politics, and in edited volumes at Oxford and Cambridge University Press. Her paper “Power, Control, and the Logic of Substitution in

Institutional Design: The Case of International Climate Finance,” which appeared in the journal International Organization, was co-winner of the Best Paper Award 2020 presented by the International Collaboration Section of the American Political Science Association.

Graham occasionally writes for a wider audience in outlets including the Monkey Cage (Washington Post), Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, and Mother Jones.

She holds a PhD in political science from The Ohio State University.


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