Elizabeth Lau is a doctoral student in the Integrated Biomedical Science program, holds a M.S. in Global Health from the University of Notre Dame, and a B.S. in Nursing from the University of Arkansas. As a Registered Nurse, she specializes in the areas of postpartum and intensive care. She conducts translational clinical research in the field of global maternal health, and her ultimate goal is to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality within the most vulnerable populations. She is most interested in adapting and testing clinical tools for use within diverse settings and implementing informed clinical interventions for postpartum women. 

Her past work has involved the translation and adaptation of a clinical tool for use with mothers in Ghana and assessment of women’s knowledge of warning signs of postpartum complications. Currently, she is assisting with a randomized controlled trial in Ghana, initiated by her advisor. This trial involves the implementation of an integrated postpartum care model involving clinical assessments, comprehensive education, and peer support. Her own doctoral thesis is focused on informing clinical practices addressing postpartum depression among women in rural contexts. This work involves the adaptation of a clinical tool to be used for effective postpartum depression screening in the rural context. She is also working toward implementing a targeted pilot intervention for rural-dwelling women experiencing postpartum depression.