Latin American History Working Group

Depositional Dialogues: The Shadow of Black Women's Presence in Spanish Colonial Legal Records

Kellogg Institute Faculty Fellow Karen Graubart

Karen Graubart
Professor of History, University of Notre Dame
Kellogg Institute Faculty Fellow

About the Latin American History Working Group
The Latin American History Working Group brings together Latin American historians—both faculty and graduate students—for serious, extended, and creative intellectual exchange. Monthly meetings feature paper presentations by faculty members, graduate students, and invited scholars. Encouraging an interdisciplinary approach, the group aims to strengthen the growing community of Latin American historians at Notre Dame, to professionalize its graduate students, and to host notable scholars in the field at the University.
Cochairs: Ted Beatty, Karen Graubart, and Jaime Pensado

Speakers / Related People
Karen B. Graubart

Karen B. Graubart  is Professor of History and is the author of With Our Labor and Sweat: Indigenous Women and the Formation of Colonial Society in Peru, 1550-1700 (Stanford University Press, 2007), which was awarded the Ligia Parra Jahn prize from the Rocky Mountain Council for Latin American Studies in 2008. She has been a Kellogg Institute faculty fellow since 2007...
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