Debora Rogo (history and peace studies) is a Kenyan attorney and human rights advocate. She received her Juris Doctor from Washington University in St. Louis School of Law and her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

Right before coming to Notre Dame, she was the General Manager at the rural based Sagam Community Hospital and a founding Trustee of its research hub, the African Institute for Health Transformation in Western Kenya.  Prior to that, she has served as a legal consultant in East Africa where she has worked with various NGOs and IGOs such as the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in Arusha, Tanzania. Her past experience includes serving as an Associate Attorney at the International Law Institute in Kampala, Uganda where she provided support to the Institute’s implementation of technical and advisory projects concerning strengthening legal infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa. Her work has focused on project implementation and management (especially in post-conflict and rural regions), human rights, international criminal and human rights law, good governance, access to justice, and the human rights-based approach (“HRBA”) to development. Apart from her work, she also is a free-lance photographer.

She plans to research on the impact of the 1969 assassination of Kenyan politician, Tom Mboya, and how this single act of violence helped inject ethnic tensions into the current political, cultural and socio-economic landscape in Kenya.