Dan Krill is a senior majoring in computer science in the College of Engineering with minors in French and Francophone studies and engineering corporate practice. Krill is assisting Professor Michael Coppedge in his research on the contagion of democracy across online mediums. His work focuses on Internet connectivity and social media use around the world, with the goal of using data to drive a dyadic analysis of international patterns of political influence over the Internet. He has used Python packages to scrape data provided by Twitter APIs to build a metric of online connectedness with the intention of overlaying this with existing data from the V-Dem Project. He currently works on processing geographic data since 1900 in R to build matrices that describe physical relationships between countries (e.g., distance and contiguity); this data then functions as input to the models that his advisor develops. 

With Kellogg, Krill has attended the Eastern Economic Association’s annual conference in Montego Bay, Jamaica. There, he was able to connect with prominent academics across multiple disciplines. Krill also worked for two years as a student assistant in the Kellogg Institute office. Separate from the International Scholars Program, Krill will also assist with research through the Keough School with Professor Yong Lee by using AI to analyze satellite imagery, detect urban decay, and measure its externalities. On campus, Krill is also involved in the Lucy Institute’s iTREDS program, where he applies skills in data science and design thinking to a community engagement capstone project. This capstone is in partnership with the Accenture Health Equity Project and St. Joseph Country Department of Health, and it will use novel explainability models to produce a platform that audits in real time the AI systems used in healthcare. Krill’s broader interests include the advancement of renewable energy and the role of cyber cafés in the developing world, both with a regional focus in North Africa.

Computer Science
Engineering Corporate Practice