Romero Days 2018: Memorializing Martyrdom - Romero’s Beatification and Our Task Today

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This year’s conference will include reports on the publication in English of the sermons of Blessed Romero, on Romero and racism in the United States, on the connection between Romero and the social and political thought of Pope Francis, on the witness and assassination of Sr. Ita Ford, and on the legacy of San Romero of the Americas for civil and human rights. As a keynote address, William T. Cavanaugh, Director of the Center for World Catholicism and Intercultural Theology at DePaul University, will address the group on the twentieth anniversary of his groundbreaking book, Torture and Eucharist. Cavanaugh will speak before a panel comprising of Margaret Pfeil as moderator and David Fagerberg and Sean O’Brien as respondents.