La Patrona Workshop

Conference Funding Grant
Grant Year

Funding for selected portions of La Patrona Collective for Colonial Latin American Scholarship's workshop in Rome during the first week of July, 2017 and support for collaboration with Dr. Bianca Premo as a part of the collective's ongoing publishing work. The July workshop will allow Collective members (8 faculty and 5-10 graduate students) to simultaneously begin individual research projects in Roman archives and libraries while also collaborating in a social setting. This will also be a concrete step in the collaboration between the University of Notre Dame and the Vatican Library, announced with a conference and signatory event in May 2016.

Our workshop will be an opportunity to accomplish a series of concrete outcomes: 

  • Each scholar will work on an individual project (for faculty, a scholarly monograph; for graduate students, a dissertation)
  • Premo and Graubart will edit a special issue of a journal that showcases some of our findings and their relevance to intellectual history
  • Graubart, Premo, Voekel and Scheper-Hughes will produce an edited volume drawing upon the individual projects and demonstrating how the use of these archives transforms colonial Latin American history
  • Disseminating general knowledge of Roman resources for colonial Latin Americanists through a collectively developed wiki/website.