The Primacy of Relationship and the Challenge of Migrants; Rome, Italy

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The interdisciplinary colloquium called Per un nuovo umanesimo (“Towards a new humanism”) has met in Assisi (2012), Perugia (2014), and Rio de Janeiro (2015) to discuss a range of topics. The next meeting of this group will focus on the situation of the migrant from the perspective of multiple disciplinary perspectives: philosophy, theology, psychology, and anthropology. We are researching the presuppositions that undergird a humane treatment of the migrant in each of these disciplines. The principal hypothesis to be considered is whether the distinct disciplines allow for a convergence on the question of the primacy of relations. Moreover, is the relational view of the human person going to advance the treatment of the migrant in a more humane fashion? Each discipline can investigate distinct cases in order to establish its own conclusions, but the gathering will focus on the exchange of perspectives and the development of a more unified understanding of the problem.