Colombia en 2018

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Güiza-Gómez, Diana Isabel and María Paula Saffon-Saní. "Colombia en 2018: entre el fracaso de la paz y el inicio de la política programática."  ["Colombia in 2018: Between the Failure of Peace and the Beginning of Programmatic Politics"], Revista de Ciencia Política, 39, 2 (2019).


In 2018, the Colombian right’s consolidation of power minimized the peace process by blocking the transformative aspirations of the 2016 peace agreement. However, the transformative promises of peace came back to the political arena during the presidential elections, when an ample coalition of leftist parties and grassroots movements supported Petro’s candidacy. This suggests that, despite the multiple obstacles, power asymmetries, and the continuous influence of violence, the Colombian peace agreement is responsible for something that no other political event – not even the momentous 1991 Constitution – has yet achieved: the existence of a programmatic discussion between the left and the right.