Carlos Basurto is a sophomore at Notre Dame double majoring in Philosophy and Computer Science. His growing up in Mexico has resulted in a keen interest in the development and corrosion of democracies in Latin America. He believes that studying and comprehending this area of research is fundamental for the successful creation of democratic societies for it not only enables leaders to make fundamentally wiser choices, but more importantly, provides the general populace with an understanding of the world they regularly engage in. Knowledge, thus, leads to a significantly superior degree of freedom that cannot be understated and strengthens the wellbeing of peoples. His first-hand experience of this compounded by his intrinsic and passionate desire for learning has inevitably driven him to seeking an opportunity as promising as that offered by the Kellogg Developing Researcher program. Being a member in it is bound to allow him to engage with work that is significant for his academic and personal goals but that, above all, actively changes the world for the better.

KDR Project Advisor:
Scott Mainwaring

Computer Science