Students who receive funding for a Kellogg ISP Break Research Grant will be required to complete the following processes:

The following documents must be on file at Kellogg before the student will receive funding:

  • Decision letter demonstrating travel has been approved by the University

  • Signed waivers printed from the Notre Dame International Travel Registry system

  • Emergency contact form

  • IRB approval, if needed

Upon return, the student is required to submit the following follow up paperwork

  • Expense report

  • Follow up report

    • This should be a one-page report for the web that describes the research you conducted, what your findings were, and what you plan to do with this research.

  • 2-3 photos

Human Subjects Research

Any project that involves the use of human subjects must be approved by the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board. For details of the procedures, please go to

Committee approval must be completed and submitted to the Kellogg Institute before funding can be received.


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