Bernice Antoine is a sophomore from Trinidad and Tobago studying business analytics and global affairs. She is interested in researching the African identity, particularly how individuals with an African heritage in the Caribbean, America and Africa developed together through their unique responses to a similar struggle for freedom and how it continues to develop in the face of globalization. She is currently working with the Reverend Professor Paul Kollman, CSC to research African history with a special emphasis on the history of Christianity in Eastern Africa. On campus, Antoine is engaged in three fellowships. At the Idea Center she is a fellow with the Innovation Lab where she receives entrepreneurial training and works as an Insights Analyst. She is also a McNeill Justice Fellow with the Center for Social Concerns and was a participant in the NDBridge program where she spent two months in India learning about sustainable development. Finally, Antoine is the recipient of the 2023 University of Notre Dame Library Research Award.

Business Analytics
Global Affairs