Bernardo Pulido Marquez is a Doctor of Juridical Science candidate at the Law School. He obtained his law degree (LLB equivalent) from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB) at Caracas, Venezuela, where he also did studies on Venezuelan Constitutional Law. Pulido Marquez also holds a Master in the Science of Law (JSM) from Stanford Law School where he was part of the Stanford Program in International Legal Studies (SPILS).

Before joining the JSD program at Notre Dame Law School, he worked as a human rights advocate and activist in Venezuela, defending political prisoners -including some of the most relevant Venezuelan opposition leaders- and fighting for the reestablishment of the rule of law and democracy in Venezuela. Pulido Marquez has devoted part of his time to human rights litigation; submitting and acting as claimant lawyer in several actions before the Inter American Human Rights System and different United Nations Commissions and Rapporteurs and representing victims Before the Inter American Commission and Court.  He was also a part-time professor at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello teaching: human rights, General Topics of Constitutional Law and Venezuela Constitutional Law.

At Notre Dame, his research will focus on inadmissible restrictions on political rights, including the right to run for elections, reviewing the effects of administrative disqualifications and judicial decisions that ban candidates from running for office. He will emphasize on  how such restrictions have an impact in the quality of democracy.

Dissertation Year Fellow Bernardo Pulido Marquez talks about his dissertation research: