Kellogg Faculty Fellow Bernard Forjwuor is assistant professor of Africana studies and a concurrent faculty member with the Department of Political Science. He is a black political theorist and philosopher with research interests in black political thought, African political thought/philosophy, critical theory, critical theories of race and colonialism, postcolonial theory, decolonial theories, and contemporary political theory.

His first book, Critique of Political Decolonization (Oxford University Press, 2023), is an antinormative and critical refutation of the decolonial accomplishment of political independence or self-determination in Ghana. He is currently working on his second book project, “Colonial Construction of Race,” which interrogates and challenges the various ways race is defined, constituted, contested, deployed, and negotiated. 

Forjwuor holds a PhD in African American studies from Northwestern University, a master’s degree in theater studies from the University of Guelph, and dual master’s degrees in African studies and political science from Ohio University.