Angelique Mbabazi is pursuing a Civil Engineering degree at Notre Dame. For the past 2 years, Mbabazi has worked with Professor Tracy Kijewski-Correa on the earthquake that took place in Haiti in August, 2021. Mbabazi has worked on different phases of this project but she started as a database manager where she coordinated team supporting geospatial data collection post-Earthquake and leveraged Fulcrum to manage 14k+ records. In addition to that, she executed quality control and quality assurance of database. Finally, she was trained to do the assessments as well and was able to evaluate damage to 500 buildings, assigning damage ratings and structural typologies. Currently, Mbabazi is going back to the database they created since they have been invited to a special issue on international disaster response and will prepare that paper this semester. Mbabazi will be working to support the writing of this paper and preparing their dataset for release as part of this publication. 

Civil Engineering
Engineering Corporate Practice