Angelique Mbabazi is interested in learning about the structures and the theories used for those structures to exist from the ground up. In addition to this, she is interested in learning about different hazards that these built structures face and how to mitigate those hazards.

Currently, Mbabazi is working on the effects of the earthquake that took place in Haiti in August 2021. During this phase, she will finalize two datasets for release to the wider community, manage a small team of remote assessors and prepare the final Data Reports (Qty. 2). In addition, Mbabazi will conduct additional analysis of IOM TCLA houses for World Bank and prepare briefing. She will support the analysis and synthesis of major findings for school performance using the Fulcrum Database for the World Bank project (ends February 2023). Mbabazi will also analyze self-recovery data for affected households to determine the lessons learned from this earthquake and what types of construction should be encouraged in the recovery. Finally, she will conduct an analysis to compare building performance with shakemaps generated by USGS from the Did You Feel It? survey to further calibrate predictive models.

Civil Engineering