Ali Altiok is a doctoral student in the joint PhD program on Peace Studies and Political Science, a Presidential Fellow and Kellogg Doctoral Student Affilate.  Ali’s research examines youth political inclusion at the intersection of policy, peacebuilding and security studies.  He holds an M.A. in Political, Legal, and Economic Philosophy from the University of Bern (Switzerland) and an M.A. in Peace and Security Studies from the University of Hamburg (Germany).

Ali previously worked as a researcher, policy officer and coordinator for several international peacebuilding organizations in New York.  As an in-house research consultant at the United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office, he supported data analysis and narrative development of The Missing Peace: Independent Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security, mandated by the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250. He is co-author of the policy paper, We Are Here: An Integrated Approach to Youth Inclusive Peace Processes for the UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth. 

Using participatory action research methodologies and audio-visual storytelling, Ali’s work highlights the transformative elements of youth agency in peacebuilding and social change. He has conducted field research in Sri Lanka and Turkey as well. His academic writing has appeared in edited volumes published by Rutgers University Press, Routledge, and Oxford University Press.